Walk the Forest is a Woman’s Empowerment practice. Why women?

Do you have trouble saying no to others?

Do the needs of others come before your needs?

Do you want marriage and children?

Do you find it difficult to be honest about how you feel?

Are you praised for being agreeable, nice, and generous?

Do you feel you have no time or energy to care for yourself?

Do you have negative thoughts about yourself? Your body? Your career? Your relationships?

Do you find yourself scrolling through social media or Netflix mindlessly instead of doing something loving for yourself?

If you’re a woman, you likely answered yes to most of these questions.

Many women are raised and praised for being self-abandoning, helpful, nice and co-dependent. They grew up hearing and seeing that to love is to sacrifice. That family comes first, and her needs come after. That their roles are predetermined, and their dreams must be small or cast aside; otherwise, they’re selfish. Women were taught to settle. 

I am here to help you let go of, and heal from, those limiting beliefs. I am here to help you break free from a life that no longer makes you happy. I am here to help you step into your divine feminine power.

I am here to help you live the life of your dreams.
Walk The Forest - 2023