Walk the Forest

and discover the power of self-love.

When we focus on self-love, we nourish the soil in which love is rooted, and from which love in its many forms will grow and blossom.

– Jay Shetty, 8 Rules of Love
Self-love is more than what we can see. As tree roots are nourished and rooted in the soil, so is the love we have for ourselves. It is rooted in our Being and nourishes every area of our lives. Do you want to have courage to follow your dreams? Confidence to go for what you want? Joy every day? Freedom from negative thoughts and emotions? Want to welcome the best relationship ever, or improve the one you’re in? All this, and more, is only possible with the power of self-love.
Self-love is different from external self-care practices. It’s more than the yoga we do, the affirmations we say, and the self-help books we read. The core of self-love is a deep connection and love to your inner Being. It is the explicit love you say and show yourself in all moments of life. It is saying to yourself, “I love you.” and “You’re not alone. I am here for you.” That is the power of self-love.
We cannot achieve our dreams nor live our best lives without self-love. It is the foundation for everything. As such, I have designed a 12-week self-love course to help every woman build a solid foundation of self-love so that she can go forth and achieve all her goals and live her dream life.

I welcome you on this journey. Let’s begin; the forest is waiting. 

About Me

Hi, I’m sara, founder of walk the forest

I am a storyteller, Nature nerd, and self-love enthusiast. I explore the connection between Nature, healing, self-love and spirituality. Through hours of walking the forest with my dog, Millie, the forest has taught me about myself and the power of love. Walk the Forest was my way back to love. And now, I help other women reconnect with their self-love! It is an honour to be on this journey with you.

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Walk The Forest - 2023