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Why self-love?

Richard Wagamese, an Ojibwe author, beautifully wrote, “Nothing in the Universe ever grew from the outside in.” Ain’t that the truth? As within, so without. And within is all we’re able to control anyways. How cool is it that we have the power to affect real, profound change?! But where do we start? Self-love is where. When self-love abounds, all the decisions we make, and the people we interact with, reflect that love. Life becomes more joyful. We forgive a little more and laugh a lot more. We stress and argue a lot less. Rainy days are beautiful, and flowers never smelled so sweet. Life feels lighter and brighter.

Why women?

It was always meant to be. I’ve been women’s biggest cheerleader for as long as I can remember. I grew up with three sisters. My closest friendships are with women. I’ve always been passionate about women knowing their worth. Women have immense power, but we don’t realize it. I want to help women rediscover their power and reconnect with their true selves through self-love.

Is Walk the Forest strictly Nature-based?

No, but it is a big part of my platform. I believe spending time in Nature every day will help you slow down, heal and become more present. I didn’t realize how much Nature heals and nourishes me until Millie and I started walking the forest daily. The more time we spent walking the forest, the more joyful, peaceful and self-loving I felt. I walk through the forest with a smile almost the whole time! I hug trees and thank them for all they are! I close my eyes and bask in the sunlight! I stop and listen to the stream and birds! (Woodpecker calls are beautiful!) Forests are where I overflow with love. And that love seeps into all my interactions, perceptions, conversations, and awareness. I’m not kidding when I say I feel joyful, grateful, grounded and connected all day. I want ALL women to feel that, and I know that time in Nature will help immensely. Nature helped me achieve that, and I believe it’ll do the same for you. So, if you want to incorporate more time in Nature in your life, let’s make some magic!

What materials are needed for your programs?

Most importantly, a journal. I love journaling; it is the best tool for self-awareness. I wrote a blog post on what journaling does for us. I enjoy writing in journals like this because it makes the whole process feel more sacred. A designated journal, chosen carefully and thoughtfully by you, tells yourself that you are taking this journey of self-awareness seriously. In our journal, we will write our affirmations, document our learning and reflect on what we learn about ourselves. It’s a powerful tool for tracking our progress and becoming friendly, compassionate and accepting of all we are. I encourage you to free-write as well as answer journal prompts.

Outside of the 90 minutes, what is the weekly commitment?

I read this somewhere, and it stuck with me: “Eating one salad won’t make you skinny, just like eating a slice of cake won’t make you fat.” We will only see changes if we are consistent with our actions. We are what we repeatedly do. Every week of the 12-week program brings a new theme we’re incorporating into the bigger picture, aka our lives. Every week, we’re adding another layer to the self-love foundation of our lives. Honest, profound change takes work. But, like anything worthwhile in life (job satisfaction, relationships, love, joy etc.), you get what you put into it. Every week there will be one 90-minute virtual women’s circle and tasks to complete on your own time. These independent tasks include: journal prompts, reflections, readings, meditations etc. But please don’t worry. You will only be expected to do some of those independent tasks daily (unless you want to). This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Will there be support outside of the 90 minutes in case we need motivation?

I wasn’t kidding when I said women supporting women makes me swoon! I feel energized and inspired when connecting with like-minded women (who doesn’t love getting cheered on by our besties?!), so I will add you to a private Facebook group to connect with your fellow self-loving women. So if you need motivation, want to share your AHA!, breakthrough moments, or love, this is the place to go! I will be there too! I want us all to support each other!!

Walk The Forest - 2023