Our time and energy

March is right around the corner, which means Spring is almost here! Soon, the snow will melt, and Nature will be in a frenzy. The human world, too. Winter was all about slowing down, resting and reflecting, and cherishing our time and energy. We’re slowly coming out of hibernation as the days get longer and […]

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Dog napping on the floor

January journal prompts: A time for rest and reflection

Here are your two journal prompts for the end of January: *These journal prompts are from the Chani Nicholas app. January 1st brought us a New Year, and January 21st brought us a New Moon. In the spirit of new beginnings, let January be the beginning of your season of rest and reflection. Feel free […]

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Why should I journal?

It’s an act of self-love. If you Google “The Benefits of Journaling,” you will find numerous studies and articles. So, I won’t get into all that when others have done it so eloquently. Journaling can be many things at different times. Sometimes it’s a way to vent; other times to reflect. For me, it’s a […]

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Walk The Forest - 2023