Do you feel that life is just “okay”?

When you get together with friends or family, and they ask you, “How’s it going?” is your response, “Life is ok”? Are you waking up every day tired and uninspired? Are you scrolling through social media and dating apps, trying to find something or someone to complete you? Do you struggle to set and achieve your health, career, or personal goals? Do you have the best intentions but lack motivation and commitment?

Do you feel stuck in a job you’re unhappy with because you’re too scared to go after one you really want? Or, too scared about what others will think and say if you leave? Perhaps you don’t even know what you could do instead? Are you worried that you don’t have what it takes? Or the big one…terrified by the financial impact a change that suits you to a T might bring?

Life is “fine” and “okay,” but you’re yearning for something more, right? If you’ve thought, “This can’t be all there is to life,” you are not alone!

The lack of confidence, passion, excitement, love, and energy you are feeling are the whispers from the Universe. She’s telling you it’s time to put yourself and your dreams first. The Universe absolutely wants your life to be filled with more.

Do you want a life filled with… 

  • More joy? 
  • More time for things you love? 
  • More rest?
  • More passion? 
  • More self-love?
  • More patience?
  • More freedom?
  • More balance?
  • More energy?

You are not alone if you answered yes to any of the above. The past few years have given most of us a glimpse of a more balanced life. A life where there is more.

More is your birthright. The Universe will help you, but she needs you to take the first step.

I hear you if the past few years have shifted beliefs, perspectives, and priorities. I see you if you’ve been feeling a call, a yearning to fight for more—an urge to thrive instead of survive.

The world is asking us to return to places and paces of before. But we are not who we were before. Suppose you don’t want to work a 10-hour day anymore because you want to start writing poetry, play the guitar, paint, dance, or spend more time with your kids. Perhaps you’re just tired of feeling uninspired. Suppose you want to say no to friends/family without feeling guilt or shame. So that you can say yes to you more. YES to all these things and more.

I am here to help you live the life of your dreams.

For almost ten years, I was an Elementary School teacher, and I loved it. But something happened when the pandemic occurred, and we all went into lockdown.

The world slowed down to my natural pace.

The hectic pace of life was no longer dragging me down with it. Instead, I spent time in Nature every day (and even came to love Winter!). Learning how to cook and bake brought my great joy (I teared up the first time I made croissants). I spread my wings and took a public speaking class, where I competed in my first Speaker Slam Public Speaking competition (one of my speeches made it to the Top 10!). All because I had more time and a desire to create an intentional life. The year 2022 was especially monumental. I wrote about why in my blog.

I struggled to adjust when the world resumed its pre-pandemic speed and priorities. That taste I’d had of living with more changed everything for me. My job- which I had loved for years- changed. I started feeling that teaching would not be my end game. But I didn’t think I would quit teaching so soon. Initially, I felt I had it in me to teach for five more years. Then that became two years…one year…and then February 2023, “Ok, I can’t finish the year. I’m done.” When you know, you know. It’s up to you what you do. Stay stuck, or leap.

Even though I knew I was going to leap, there was a lot of inner turmoil! I kept stressing about what to do next and what people would think about this choice to leave teaching. I was even seriously questioning my sanity! I had so much doubt and anxiety before making this decision. Thankfully, I worked with a Transformational Love Coach for women who helped me shift my perspective and thus my life. I started working with Susan Blackburn, through her Forever Love Method™ Program, in January 2023. She introduced me to Self Love. A concept I had confused with Self Care. Turns out, I was great at Self Care but not Self Love! And when we worked together on my Self Love, Healing, Relationships, Manifestation, and Dreams, I was completely transformed. It was thanks to her infinite wisdom and guidance that I was able to happily and confidently quit teaching March 3rd, 2023.

I am eternally grateful for Susan’s sound guidance in every aspect of my life: career, communication, relationships, and spirituality. Her knowledge is all-encompassing as she possesses a wisdom from the higher realms that she channels into her work.

The solid foundation I built thanks to Susan’s help is what allowed me to come into alignment with who I am and what I want, confidently quit my job, let go of all my possessions, and leave Canada in April 2023. I am currently living MY dream farm life in New Zealand! Every day I garden, have fun in the kitchen making nutritious meals, tend to chickens, sheep and horses, read, meditate, practise yoga, spend plenty of time in nature, and the best part–I also get to work with wonderful women, who are probably a lot like you, to help them navigate their own healing journeys and life transformations.

My life in New Zealand differs immensely from my life in Canada. Instead of being dragged into the fast paced, high stress, hustle and bustle of Western Society’s ideals, I now live a more grounded, connected, quiet and present life. My days involve gardening, trying out new recipes with the herbs and vegetables from my garden, caring for sheep and chickens, hanging out with horses and coaching women worldwide. And I couldn’t be happier.

My purpose is to help women realize they can have more. YOU can have more. But whatever more means to you cannot be achieved without a solid foundation of Self Love. That is what I’m here to help you build.

So what are you waiting for?! Contact me to find out how to live the life of your dreams!


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-xo, Sara

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