Smack dab in the middle of Yoga Teacher Training, I turned 35. ‘Twas a birthday like no other. For one, I don’t think I’ve ever spent my birthday in another country because for the past 31 years, my birthday has been either right before the first day of school or the first day of school. And because back-to-school overshadows everything, my birthday could never be away from home. And I’m not saying that because I feel bad for myself, but because this is the first time in 31 years, I can be anywhere I choose to be! It’s cause for CELEBRATION!

I quit teaching 03/03/23 which means, I have been free of the school calendar for 6 months. The end of June 2023 came and went without dreading report cards and end of year duties. August came and went without dread that summer was ending. September arrived with no back-to-school nightmares. My birthday arrived and there was nothing but LOVE, GRATITUDE and JOY! I was practicing yoga at 6am, in a jungle in Bali, sweating, with a HUGE grin on my face. For some of you, I know that doesn’t sound appealing, haha. But for me, it was a dream. And after that grueling–but immensely empowering–90-minute yoga class, I felt this bliss…this joy…this pride that I’m 35 years old and happier, stronger and more confident than I’ve ever been.

I’m finally living a fulfilling and joyful life because I had the courage to create it.

I had so much energy after that yoga class that I bolted up the 172 steps to head to my favourite meal: breakfast. The rest of the day was fantastic (as are all my days, truly) and at dinner, I was presented with a fruit cake that was OUT OF THIS WORLD. I got showered with hugs and well wishes from women I’ve had the pleasure of being on this journey with.

I am at the end of my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training here in Bali where in two days, myself and 50 other women (and one man) will graduate as Yoga teachers.

All in all, September and year 35 are looking pretty great.

But I must share with you something pretty cool that also happened during my birthday week. I decided to run an Inner Child Healing workshop for the women of my program. Initially it was supposed to be September 8th but then after a vote it was decided September 5th at 7:30pm was actually the better date.

So, at 7:30pm, Bali time, I hosted my first Inner Child Healing workshop for the women of my Yoga Teacher Training program. At 7:30pm, I was standing in front of 20+ women, ready to guide them through healing. 

The most beautiful thing is that halfway across the world, at the exact same time, teachers in Canada were getting ready to meet their new students. 

Had I not left teaching, I would’ve been one of those teachers.

But, instead of standing in front of 20 new young students, I was standing in front of 20 women who were ready to heal. I’ve always loved teaching children, but helping women has been my lifelong passion.

I started off the workshop by sharing that story because I didn’t purposely choose that date and time. It just worked out that way.

When you’re living your soul’s purpose, the Universe gives you reassuring signs like the one I got. The Universe always supports your purpose. When you’re on the path, it gives you a thumbs up, a hug, a high-five, whatever. It’s the Universe’s way of saying, “I’m so glad you had to courage to go after your soul’s dream. You’re on the right path. Enjoy, beautiful.” 

If you’re still discovering what your soul’s purpose is, be still, ask the Universe for guidance, and listen. You might not get an answer right away but believe in yourself and your desire to discover your purpose. Keep asking and remain open to what comes. I promise you, you’ll discover what it is. ♥️

It was a great workshop and I CANNOT wait to do more! This is only the beginning 🙌🏼💪🏼

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