One week

It has been one week since I landed in France. And let me tell you, what a craziness that day was! I almost didn’t make it. Buckle up because I’ve got a story for you!

My flight to Paris was leaving Toronto at 7:35 pm. The goal was to make it there three hours before my flight. But the Universe had other plans. The highway was PACKED. Not only were we dealing with rush hour traffic (which is basically all day in the Greater Toronto Area), but we were also dealing with Express lanes being closed due to a police investigation. We were CRAWLING. My sister was [not so silently] panicking in the front seat. When there were about two hours until my flight, and we were nowhere close to the airport, I remembered that I chose to leave on the first day of Eclipse season. A few days earlier, astrologists warned, “Be prepared for delays, interruptions, chaos and NOTHING going according to plan.” And they were right. I couldn’t help but smile. Panicking in traffic wouldn’t have gotten me there faster.

Eventually, we got off the highway and zoomed along the back streets. I got to the airport about an hour before my flight. My sister instructed me to run and get my ticket while she handled checking in my suitcase. I ran, printed my ticket, and joined her in the baggage line, only to have the airline attendant tell me it was too late to check in my bag.

She said, “You have two choices: Book another flight in a few days or leave your suitcase and RUN.”

The theme of letting go has been THE theme of my life these past few weeks. I’ve been letting go of my attachment to people, places and things. It’s what I knew deep down I had to do if I wanted to embark on this journey around the world. This further confirmed that the Universe needed me to let go of EVERYTHING. Not even my underwear could make it with me. I took about 5 seconds to think over my options, and in the end, I told my sister, “Take my suitcase. I’m going. We’ll sort out my stuff later.” She hugged me and told me to run, which I did.

The airport was MAYHEM. I’ve never seen it so chaotic. Even the workers seemed stressed and overwhelmed. In my carry-on (which was a backpack), I had a few items to get me through at least three days. But I had too many liquids, so again, I had to let go of more of my things. Goodbye perfume, goodbye hair oil, goodbye extra mini bottle of shampoo. But at this point, it didn’t matter what I had to leave behind. That flight was not leaving without me.

I loaded my belongings in the security bin and walked towards the metal detector. I didn’t get far.

“Ma’am. Do you have a laptop? iPad? Cell phone?”

“Yes. I have all three.”

“Then I need you to come back and put them in separate bins.”

I went back and did just that. Then I rushed to go through the metal detector.

“Ma’am. You need to take off your boots and put them in another bin.”

I was going to lose it. But I didn’t. I went back and took my boots off. OF COURSE, I get pulled aside for a random inspection. Of course. After a few minutes, I grabbed my belongings, strapped all the buckles of my backpack to secure it to my body, and RAN.

Naturally, my gate was the furthest one. But I was determined to make this flight, so help me, God. And I did.

It was a full flight, so it took some time to load everyone. Some of us had to put our carry-ons underneath with the luggage because the overhead bins were full. The airline attendants were sweating and overwhelmed. The energy was chaotic. It reminded me of being an Elementary school teacher on Picture Day. Mayhem. I smiled and was patient because I know how it feels to deal with people who aren’t good listeners.

It gave me time to breathe and think, “Holy hell. I am leaving this country with basically the shirt on my back. Is this for real?” But because I was a pro at letting go and seeing them as just things, I didn’t stress about it. It was just a matter of buying new things when I landed. No big deal. And so, while the energy was frantic, I was quite calm. I actually smiled. What a way to start this new life!

After a bumpy, sleepless flight, I landed in Paris, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed high off the craziness of the past ten hours. Paris is like my second home. I had travelled in and out of Paris many times when I lived in France, and when I landed, I knew exactly where to go. Except, the Universe was like, “Sara. You thought you left the craziness behind? Ha.”

I walked towards the train that would take me into the city centre, but naturally, that train line was down due to maintenance.

Ok, no problem. I have to take a bus, you say? Great. Where is this bus? Excellent. That long lineup in the rain? Perfect. I finally board the bus and make it to the metro. All the smells and memories brought on all the feels. How could I be mad when I was back in my second home? I was smiling like an idiot, I was so happy to be there. I was in Paris only that day because as much as I love Paris, I didn’t want to be in a big city. The country was calling me. I wanted to be surrounded by nature and animals. So, when I booked my Airbnb, I chose a place in Brittany.

So, after getting my cell phone figured out and grocery and clothes shopping, I returned to my apartment and slept. The next morning, I had an early train to catch. I arrived at my final destination almost EXACTLY 24 hours after arriving in France. What a whirlwind!

I am in Brittany (Bretagne, in French) and am LOVING it. I cannot believe this is my life. During the day, I work on growing my business, walk in the forest, walk barefoot in the grass, dance in the sun, visit horses and cows and eat bread.

All this was possible thanks to the courage I gained via self-love. Telling myself daily, “I’ve got your back, I’ll never abandon you again, I love you, everything is going to be ok,” has created a less shakeable woman. I doubt the old Sara would’ve been able to leave her suitcase behind and run to start her new life without her safety net of things. I doubt the old Sara would’ve handled delays and interruptions as calmly and happily as I did.

Self-love is the best safety net. It is basically telling yourself, “You can’t mess up bad enough to make me stop loving you. I will always forgive and love you.” Self-love gives you the courage to go after what you want, even during Eclipse season. Message me to find out how I can help you go after your dreams.

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