New, new, new!

New season, new moon, new me!

I have been feeling Spring in the air for the past two weeks. Our mornings in the forest have been full of birds, sunshine and warm-ish weather. It was snowing on the eve of Spring, and my mom teased me, “It looks like Spring is here!” I replied, “It’s tomorrow! So, winter has ONE more day!” As I’ve mentioned, I have loved this Winter more than ever. Since transitioning from teaching, I could embrace Winter’s slower pace, quiet, solitude, reflection and rest. Because of the slower pace- and my preparation for the weather- Millie and I truly enjoyed countless hours in the Winter forest. I am so grateful for what Winter has shown me.

After Winter, Spring was my least favourite season. I used to find it underwhelming. It was just a milder version of Winter. Snow, slush, random freezing rain, mud. I only liked late Spring because it was basically Summer. A woman in the forest said something very wise:

It’s not that the outdoors isn’t enjoyable, it’s that we’re not dressed appropriately.

Winter, Spring and all the seasons are enjoyable; we must dress appropriately AND wear the right attitude! Life can be lovely if we focus on what we’re gaining instead of losing! It was so hard to see the lovely parts of Winter and Spring because I was focusing so much on the crappier sides of them.

But today, I was filled with the energy and excitement of Spring. It was warm-ish, sunny and lively in the forest. There was a spring (pun intended) to my step as I wished everyone on the trails a Happy First Day of Spring!

Today, it’s the first day of a new season; tomorrow is a new moon, and I can’t help but jump on this bandwagon of “new.” Join me! Let’s harness the power and energy of this new season and new moon to welcome new things/beliefs into our lives.

Here are three ideas to welcome the new season, moon and you!

  1. List “new” beliefs you’re welcoming into your life.
    I LOVE this activity. Nothing is more powerful than our thoughts/words in creating the life we want. Like attracts like, and our inner state creates our outer reality. So let’s affirm and welcome what we want into our lives. The “secret” to manifesting is to act as if all those things already exist in your life. Because they do! They’re just waiting in your peripheral. Let’s open the door and welcome them in! Write a list of what you’re welcoming. Use positive language such as “I welcome…” and “I am…” Do not write, “I wish/want/hope…” etc., because that language comes from a scarcity mindset. For example, two things on my list are: I welcome collaboration in my professional endeavours, and I am full of energy, joy, playfulness and laughter. Read your intentions/affirmations out loud at least twice a day.
  2. Do a Spring cleaning.
    Marie Kondo inspired me three years ago only to keep things that bring me joy. I purged so much and never felt better. Her advice, “It’s not about getting rid of things, it’s about only keeping the things that bring you joy,” inspires us to create a home where everything is intentional, purposeful and brings joy. The lesson is universal: Let everything you keep in your life bring you joy, if it doesn’t, let it go. Marie Kondo has a specific method for putting your home in order. If you’re inspired to follow her process (including clothing, books, paper, and miscellaneous), please do! If you can only tackle one thing, I suggest clothing (which includes shoes, outerwear and bags). If you have Netflix, she has two shows where she walks through her process. If you prefer reading, here is her most famous book to help you tidy your home. Please also watch this video of Marie Kondo’s ritual before she starts tidying. So powerful! Let’s tidy our homes/lives to keep/welcome JOY.
  3. Spend time in Nature.
    Spring brings out the best in Nature. Animals and plants are all waking up from their slumber and ready to get the party started! If Winter is too cold for you to be outdoors, Spring is a great way to get a taste of Winter on its way out. Of course, there is snow in early Spring, but it’s sunny and generally above zero degrees celsius! So make it a goal to spend some time outdoors every day (remember to dress appropriately to enjoy your time as much as possible!), and if you already spend time in Nature every day, let’s add something new. Take a new route, explore a new conservation area, ask a friend/family member to join you, get out at a different time of day, don’t listen to music/audiobook etc. Whatever you choose, be present and mindful. Since I walk the forest daily with Millie, I aim to notice the forest’s subtle shifts from Winter to Spring. I’ve already started hearing more birds! The woodpeckers are Marie Kondo-ing their trees to get ready for chicks!

Choose one, two or all three ideas from my list. Or choose your own! If you need some ideas for new practices, here are some suggestions. Use the power of the new season and the new moon to welcome a new YOU! You are a powerful co-creator with the Universe. All your dreams are waiting just outside your front door, waiting for you to welcome them in.

You are powerful, beautiful and Divine. Welcome all that you are.

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