A meditation for healing taken from the CHANI app

I am a fan of Chani Nicholas’ astrology app. I love that she offers birth charts. Sign up for the free two-week trial (at the moment, there is a one-month free trial if you use the code SATURN30), and you can fill in the information needed to get your birth chart. What you get for free is good, but unlocking all the app resources is way better! In addition to my birth chart, it is what led me to her beautiful meditations. This meditation for healing, I especially love. And rather fitting, given that the next full moon is tomorrow.

Full moons are all about letting go of what no longer serves us. If you’re on this journey of self-love and healing, letting go of attachments to beliefs, things, and people is a big theme. And often, that is challenging. And so, this meditation is best to say aloud at least twice daily. It’s so soothing and self-loving. It is like hugging yourself with words. In fact, I strongly suggest you hug yourself as you say these words. Here it is:

“Reparenting myself requires that I learn how to centre what was obstructed, denied, and left to languish—not to become fixated on it, but to become less ruled by it. I don’t need to stay stuck in a wound to understand it.

I am allowed to begin again. As often as needed and as much as is necessary, I am free to press restart. 

I know that grieving what happens to me is key to my growth. I know that no matter how deep the wound there’s always a way to mend it or learn to attend to it. I know that each emotion that arises isn’t necessarily a fact in and of itself— but it does carry a profound truth.

I aim to be a student of all that I’ve experienced. If I can muster the courage to feel, I can develop the wisdom to heal. When I learn to hold what hurts, I am able to be more open to what restores. 

I hear myself when the internalized chiding tone of an authority cuts me down. I accept that the inner critic in me lives rent-free in my head, but I can invite kinder, wiser tenants: the elder who cares not for self-pity and meets it with relentless humour, the supportive voice of my bestie who cheers me on without question, or the unconditional love of a furred familiar. 

I am experiencing surges of renewal while I also process the past. There are things to make peace with, as well as prosperity to claim as my own. All at once I get to witness what I am letting go of and what I am welcoming. What a thing to behold.

I know that in order to grow, I’ve got to accept the constant state of release that life demands. Sometimes the only appropriate response is to grieve and celebrate at the same time. 

I renew my commitment to being tender with myself. My softness is a strength that I’m learning to lean into. Compassion is a power that I don’t deny, even if the world around me does.

As I heal I know that it is normal to come in to contact with more of my bitterness, hurt, despair, and grief. This does not signal that I’m sliding backwards, it’s simply a clue as to how deeply I am connecting to my life in its entirety. 

My body is how my intelligence, radiance, and creative prowess get made manifest. It cannot be left wanting, needing, or wandering around unkept or uncared for. Tending to it is the very thing that teaches me how to bring my dreams and desires to be. 

Tenderness, especially on days when the world feels extra rough or life feels a little unforgiving, is the most powerful medicine to take. 

Healing chooses me when it’s good and ready. I can’t force it to happen. I can’t think of my way out of having to do its work. I can’t outsmart its timing. I can only learn to appreciate its wisdom, tempo, and tenor. It’s time to embody the sacred act of replenishment.”

And so it is.

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