How like attracts like

You know what that means, right?

I love, love love, the forest Millie and I go to. It’s beautiful, Millie is off-leash, and there are many dogs for Millie to play with! For Millie, there is no better treat than dogs. The moment we enter the large field where dogs play, she’s like, “BYE!” and leaves me behind. All I see are her ears flopping away from me as she runs to meet other dogs.

Since she was a quarter of her size, she played with all dogs, no matter their size or temperament. I remember taking her to an off-leash dog park at four months old, and she was holding her own with two Labrador Retrievers and a Rottweiler. She was pouncing on them, trying to get in on the fun, and they were so confused. Eventually, they saw that this 10-pound fur ball wouldn’t leave them alone, so they gave in. After all, like attracts like. If you’re down to play, so is Millie. I’m lucky she’s only had good experiences with other dogs from the beginning. Although I now know my pup’s personality, a bad interaction would not scare her off. She’d shrug it off and find another dog to play with.

The forest, for Millie, is heaven.

She’s off-leash, playing with dogs, all in such a diverse environment. Watching the way she interacts with dogs, the forest, and dogs in the forest, is beautiful. I’ve mentioned it before, but it bears repeating: Millie’s got a wild spirit. She’s confident and easygoing. Today, while watching her play with three big dogs (surprise, surprise), a dog owner asked me if Millie was mine. I said yes, and he says, “She has no fear.” I smile and say no, she doesn’t. And he follows with, “You know what that means, right?” I don’t say anything for a beat wondering if it’s a trick question, and he says,

“It means you have no fear”.

I’m not one for having deep conversations with strangers in dog parks, but that has been sitting with me for a few hours. The dog books I’ve read and the dog trainer I’ve worked with all say that our energy is essential when dealing with our pets. Of course, there are obvious things to do/not do, but equally- if not more- important is the not-so-obvious, hard-to-describe, hard-to-teach concept about our energy. Energy is everything, and the energy you’re putting out is the energy you will get back. Like attracts like.

All beings are sensitive to the energy we give off.

And the energy with which we approach our pets, relationships, and experiences is the energy we get back. And how beautiful is it that we have so many mirrors in our life, reflecting our energy! It removes the guesswork. Want insight into your current state of energy? Look around you. What are the thoughts and emotions coursing through you when dealing with your children? Your job? Your pets? Your partner? Your parent(s)? They are reflecting your energy right back at you.

Of course, Millie has some fears. But it is lovely to see that she feels safe and confident to leave me behind and run toward her dreams. All the while, both of us knowing that the other is fine.

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