I am a tree

This meditation is from Glennon Doyle’s “Get Untamed: The Journal.” It is not the title, for there was none. But, for the purpose of using it as a meditation or affirmation, I gave it a title. I was skimming through it and came to this beautiful illustration of a tree that spanned two pages, and this written piece.

I reach deeply into the rich soil beneath me,
made up of every girl and woman I’ve ever been,
every face I’ve loved, every love I’ve lost,
every place I’ve been, every conversation I’ve had,
everything, everything, crumbling and mixing
and decomposing underneath. Nothing wasted.

My entire past there, holding me up and feeding me now.
I am as ancient as the earth I’m planted in
and as new as my tiniest bloom.
I am strong, singular, alive.
Still growing.
I have everything I need, beneath me, above me, inside me.

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