January journal prompts: A time for rest and reflection

Here are your two journal prompts for the end of January:

  1. What relationship patterns, people-pleasing, tendencies, or intimacy issues do you want to let go of this year? What feelings emerge as you try to break from these habits?
  2. How easy is it for you to protect your time and energy? How could you add more time for rest and recovery to your work (and/or wellness) schedule?

*These journal prompts are from the Chani Nicholas app.

January 1st brought us a New Year, and January 21st brought us a New Moon. In the spirit of new beginnings, let January be the beginning of your season of rest and reflection. Feel free to reflect on one or both of these prompts. Sit with them for a bit before bringing pen to paper. Your response can be a single journal entry or multiple journal entries over the coming weeks. You do you.

Happy journaling!

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