Discovering new sides

Today, Millie and I experienced the forest in a new way: in fog. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: discovering new sides to something/someone you love is so beautiful. When you think you can’t possibly love more, you do. The forest is no exception. In the snow, in the rain, in the fog or the sun, the forest is always beautiful.

Millie and I have never been in the forest on a foggy day. I knew it would be magical, and I was not disappointed.

a foggy day in a forest with a park bench

As always, the moment I walk into the forest, I feel contentment, joy, peace, awe, and gratitude. When I say, “Millie, let’s go,” and she runs ahead of me to scope out the scene…my heart swells with all those emotions simultaneously. I wish a camera could capture not only what the eyes are seeing but what your spirit is feeling.

dog sitting amidst the fog of a forest

There was a moment on our forest walk when I stopped and observed Millie for a minute. She made me smile. She walks in and out of those trees like it’s the first time but the hundredth time. There is a confidence and a curiosity in her that shines whenever we’re in the forest. I’m always discovering new sides to her, too. And with every new mood in the forest, I witness a new side to Millie. I always say she’s a fun-loving dog, but today I thought, “Millie has a wild spirit.” Look at how at home she feels among the trees and streams. She is one with the forest. She is my soul in an animal form, and I am forever changed because I have her.

Every new mood of the forest, Millie, and myself feels like a discovery and a homecoming. My heart swells with awe and peace for a place I barely know. How?

Because time spent in Nature is a homecoming.

a dog in a foggy forest

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