The trees we plant in our soul

The self-love we practice keeps us grounded

Another rainy day in the forest caused the creek to flow with such volume; it was music to my ears. Today was a quiet day in the forest. Usually, I enjoy days that are busy because Millie has lots of dogs to play with. But I also want quiet days like today. I love the forest in all weather. When you explore a forest in all its seasons, times, and moods, you fall more in love. How could you not?! Today’s forest reflection made me think about what I wrote a few days ago. It made me think about the trees we plant in our souls.

tree root, boots

The self-love we practice- meditation, therapy, Nature walks, reading, art, journaling – is like planting inner trees. Trees that help our soul’s energy flow.

Streams and creeks need trees to be grounded, with deep roots to withstand their strong currents. Their roots keep the earth from getting swept away. We experience strong currents, too. There are days or months when we get swept away in anxiety or are drowning in sadness. But all the trees we plant out of self-love will have deep roots and strong branches. They will retain all parts of us when the current threatens to carry us away.

Bless Millie, her four legs and adventurous heart. She bolted down this muddy hill like it was nothing. I, however, took my time. With its deep and strong roots, this giant tree created stairs perfect for this hill. As I climbed these stairs, I thanked the tree roots for retaining the soil. Thanks to them, I had a safe way of getting down the hill. Trees, the ones we plant internally or externally, will always have our back.

woman smiling holding on to tree root

In March 2021, when I descended a steep and treacherous hill, my love said: Trees are your friend.

He said: Hold on to trees. They are your friends.

And he was right. Trunks, roots, branches, something was always there to support me on this journey down the hill. I felt less scared knowing I could hold on to something firm and grounded. I trusted all the trees to support me. Had there been one or two trees only, I’d be writing this blog from heaven. Indeed I would’ve plummeted to my death or, at the very least, broken something.

Trees support us in so many ways just by being. They are grounded, unwavering, and strong. All qualities we need when we are the opposite. And this is why self-love is like planting trees in your soul. Over time, you will have this beautiful forest within you that you can return to time and time again. And you’ll always be safe. No matter the season, time or moods, no matter the currents or steep hills, hold on to the trees…they are your friends.

The trees we plant are friends that’ll save us.

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