The Flow of energy

Energy is everything

dog in a forest

Today was a gift, oh my goddess. Canadian winters are cold, like “wear four layers and don’t stay out for too long” cold. But today felt like Spring. It was mild, the snow had all but melted in the forest, and the smell of Earth was in the air. Thanks to the rain and melted snow, the creek’s flow was powerful. My mind could envision April, and I felt the energy of Spring in my heart. It’s the energy that feels like rebirth and awakening. Millie and I walked a new trail where the smell of Earth was so potent my heart couldn’t help but fill with love and gratitude. Grateful for the mild day, for being in the forest with Millie, and for not worrying about slipping on the ice and dislocating a hip.

We eventually connected with our regular trail, which I was happy about because it follows the creek. I love walking that trail and hearing the water flow. Millie loves it, too. She always finds a path that will get her into the creek. I knew the stream would be full and, therefore, the sound of water loud, so I was excited to see/hear it.

Water is hugely healing. Being near it, hearing it or immersed in it are all powerful ways to cleanse the soul.

Since it’s a creek in January, there is no way I was immersing myself in it. So, hearing/seeing it, it is! So, I am walking the trail along the creek with Millie, feeling the current of energy flowing through me: the energies of love, joy and gratitude. They were flowing as strongly as the water itself.

Did you know that many rivers, streams and creeks exist thanks to the roots of trees? Tree roots, large and small, keep the soil from being washed away with the current. Thanks to them, the water can carve out the channel where it can flow. So next time you’re near a creek or stream, notice how the roots of trees keep the ground you’re walking on in place.

rocks in a stream

Water is energy, and it needs to flow. Energy is everything. In all that we do and in all that we are. And so: What allows our energy to flow freely?

What practices have we put in place in our lives that act as trees?

For years, my energy flow was like stagnant water in summer: the flow was so weak and with no direction. I needed more trees in my life. I needed to find loving practices to act as my internal trees, methods to hold and support the parts of me so they wouldn’t get washed away.

All the loving practices we put into place – meditation, Nature walks, affirmations, manifestations, therapy, exercise, reading, Art, and journaling – are some of the trees we plant in our lives to hold space for our energy to flow freely. These trees will support our flow during heavy rainstorms or summer droughts. They are always there, rooted and supporting us, waiting for the moment the rainstorm floods. And trust me; there will be floods. Some you’re excited about, and others not. But with loving practices in place, you’ll withstand them all. With trees lining the banks of your soul, how could there not be?

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