A message from the spiritual realm

I have never seen an owl in the wild before.

I’m walking the trails with Millie, and it is serene. I am so glad I decided to come to the forest after all. It is cold, but not too cold. The sun is starting to set, and we are alone on the path. I look to the trees, as I usually do, and notice a sprinkling of snow falling to the ground. Then, I look higher up and see an owl. Her moving to another branch causes the snow to fall, catching my attention. She is beautiful. Big, calm, with a piercing stare. I stand there in awe for a few seconds, just watching her. She wanted me to see her because she brings an important message, like all animals.

Before Saturday, I would’ve admired the owl and been on my merry way. But I am learning to observe these synchronicities in Nature. Saturday, I visit The Red Barn Wellness Farm for a Meet and Greet with Fotini and her horses. She points out the crows are very active that day. She introduces this idea of Nature communicating with us all the time, and it instantly feels right. I feel so connected to trees and forests, animals and the environment, so why wouldn’t Nature be trying to communicate messages to me?

Crows can be interpreted as either a good omen or a bad one.

But it all boils down to: Which interpretation really resonates with you at this moment?

Crows symbolize death, in a literal or figurative sense, and while I don’t argue that it could be literal, I interpret it more in a figurative sense because of where I am in my life. I’ve been using “death” in my wording as of late to describe the transformations I’ve been experiencing. I feel like the old me is dying at an alarming rate. Change is sweeping through my life at such a quick pace, it’s both scary and exciting. But mostly, it’s liberating.

The owl making her presence known was both lucky and intentional. Pre-Saturday, I would not think the owl had anything to offer me besides a beautiful view. Now, I know she carries a message for me. There are no happy coincidences in Nature; everything is intentional. She happens to move branches at the exact moment and place where I can discover her. Come on! How many monumental moments in our lives are summed up to the right place and time?

I get home and look up the symbolism of an owl, and am amazed once more: Owls are true messengers of the spiritual realm. They can appear as a symbol during challenging times as a guide. Unlike any other animal symbol, they relay truth, understanding, patience, and wisdom to us when we need it most.

Walk in Nature. Be observant. Be open to the messages.

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