Winter walk

For 30 years, I’ve hated winter.

The cold you can’t shake, the slush, the dangerous driving conditions, the short days. Ugh, the worst. Yet, my favourite holiday is Christmas. Go figure. I don’t mind winter leading up to Christmas. The Christmas decorations, movies and treats make it all bearable. But after December 25th, I’d gladly welcome summer. January, February, and March are the roughest months for me for all the reasons listed above, with no holiday to look forward to. In all his wisdom and love, my partner decided to introduce me to winter hikes. After reading The Hidden Life of Trees, I have been gushing about trees, and he knew I would love it. It’s a gift and honour to be on the receiving end of his love and wisdom.

January 2nd, 2021, was the inaugural winter hike. Perfect timing because January was the beginning of the crappiest part of being Canadian.

The forest was PERFECT. Blanketed in snow, quiet.

The stillness and peace I felt…there are no words. I was wrong if I thought I couldn’t love the forest more. It’s like falling in love with someone. The more you learn about them, the more you fall in love. They keep showing you sides to themselves, and you keep loving them until you think you’re going to burst, and then you burst. You burst to make more room for the love that will continue. That is what the winter has done for me. It has caused my love for the forest to overflow.

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Walk The Forest - 2023
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